Leaked Motorola device tips Google influence


So you want to see what a new, post-acquisition Motorola handset looks like now that Google is more (or not at all) involved. Behold the first few images and video of an unknown model that appears to be one of the first of such collaborations. To be clear, this is not the rumored X-Phone. This, rather, appears to be something entirely different.

You’ll note that this model looks quite unlike recent Motorola designs in that it features a more rounded form factor. The back is also void of the Kevlar coating found in many recent handsets. Everything appears more curvy and less squarish.


Reportedly, the specifications include 2GB RAM, an Adreno 320 GPU, and a  4.65-inch 720P HD display. Again, not the stuff that we’d expect for the X-Phone, but still a welcome change of pace. Also noteworthy, the phone appears to have a stock Android 4.2 experience with only slight traces of Motorola widgetry.

We’re liking the curves and new Motorola logo, the thinner bezel, and more comfortable design. As to how things go performance-wise remain to be seen.  The video embedded below doesn’t exactly put the phone through any tough paces. With that in mind, let’s hop for an affordable mid-range experience that is offered across multiple carriers.

Source: TinhTe via The Verge


  1. If the rest of the specs are right and it gets updates in a timely manner this could be the perfect phone. Not to big, not to small, not to expensive etx. Honestly as a S3 owner I can say its just slightly too big. 4.65″ is probably the sweet spot.
    If you have to use two hands its a phablet. 2GB is plenty of ram as well.
    Let’s just hope Google’s influence doesn’t cost it the sd card slot and it has a remo able battery.

  2. So this is Google’s influence to make Motorola phones to look like every other cell phone. The RAZR design is awesome. If this is part of the Google wow factor they can shove it in their dark stinky hole. And go back to the drawing board