March 30, 2015

HTC extends deadline for trade-up credits toward HTC One


HTC, in what can only be construed as goodwill, has extended the time period for the trade-up program as it relates to the HTC One. Now, instead of only giving customers the remaining two weeks of March, HTC is giving them until the near-end of April.

“HTC is thrilled with the positive response we have received to our $100 trade-up offer. Due to this, we are extending the offer for customers who purchase the HTC One by 4/26 and trade in their old device by 5/31. We are pleased to bring this offer to even more customers so they can upgrade to the HTC One at an amazing price.”  – HTC, in a statement to AndroidGuys

There is no indication as to whether this has anything to do with the potential delay of the HTC One. We’re willing to give HTC the benefit of the doubt, however, and assume this is just their way of giving customers a bit more time.

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  1. Epictetus

    Why doesn’t this post link out to the HTC offer? What value are you really adding here?

    • John Pattison
      I had to click-through three articles before I found it. Probably would have been faster to just Google it myself. Given that my BB Torch trade-in value is about $60, while my wife’s Galaxy S (original) is about $20, for $100 trade-in (whichever is higher, HTC claim) I think we’ll both be upgrading to the One in a few weeks time


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