Battle of the Flagship: Which of these phones do you plan to buy? [Poll]


In last few months we have seen the release of the best Android devices so far. Most recently, Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy S4. When talking about the best Android devices, we would say that the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, and the LG Optimus G Pro are all amazing and stunning devices, with features good enough to impress an Android fanboy.

But the one burning question which must be answered is which one is the best? So we decided, why not ask you people to vote and tell us which one is the best. Or, which you are planning to buy. The poll is embedded below  so vote for the device you think is the best latest Android flagship device so far.

After you are done, head to the comments and defend your answer!

So on your marks, get set, VOTE!

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  1. Out of those four Android Smartphone, the only one I would buy is the Samsung Galaxy S4. I don’t buy Sony products, the LG is covered in glass and no removable battery and the HTC is ugly.

    That said, if this question was which Android Smartphone would I buy on the market today out of them all…well I would was it for either the next Nexus Smartphone or a Samsung Galaxy Note.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the g pro have a removable plastic back cover and removable battery? What you are talking about is either the Nexus 4 or the Optimus G

      • I was talking about the LG Nexus 4/LG Optimus G, they have back and front glass and no removable battery. My reasons for not buying Sony’s flagship Android Smartphone has more to do with my experience with them and not their phones although I do have two Sony-Ericsson phones.

        But doesn’t the new HTC One look similar to an iPhone in some ways?

      • Its a personal preference. Its like art, some people like it, while some people don’t. I believe the HTC One is ugly. Even if it was all in black I wouldn’t like it. It kind of reminds me of an iPhone gone wrong and the iPhone is a nice looking device, but wouldn’t own because its not Android. And then I look at the LG, the Sony and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and they are all pleasing to the eye. I have a Galaxy Nexus and I liked it. Its simple and it looks good.

  2. I think it would be awesome to mix the best features/Specs from both the GS4 & the HTC1. I think they’re both very good phones & have their own unique differences. I would have to say that this would be a fanboy decision here. If you have an HTC phone now, you’ll probably stick with the 1 & same goes for Samsung. I been with HTC forever but I kinda want more choices in accessories. Damn Samsung for using cheap plastic & damn HTC for using a smaller screen than I have now.

  3. When will you folks learn to include a none of the above button. Your polls are invalid until you start including an opt-out option.

  4. None of these phones offer a compelling reason to “upgrade” from my Nexus 4.

    It would be foolish to upgrade from a Nexus 4 for the marginal improvements the S4, the One, the Z or the Pro offer without seeing what Google/Motorola offers in late spring / early summer, especially since a move away from pure Android would result in months delay in getting new Android releases. All of these phones have a major opportunity cost as well as whatever benefits they offer.

    • Google/Motorola already said they’re still backed up with phones Moto started. They’ll be putting out mesh phones for another two years I think. This may be it for the flagships this half of the year (until the note 3 perhaps). I’ll be selling my nexus 4 to buy the One myself.

      • The Motorola schedule shouldn’t affect the Nexus line at all, and according to several rumors the Xphone line is pretty well disconnected from the regular Motorola schedule as well. Xphone is apparently being handled by a “skunkworks” team separate from anything else within Motorola.

  5. These polls are playing out much like they did last year, the HTC winning initially over the Samsung, but as time goes on the Sammy wins the polls.. and in general sales, by about 1000%.

    • They sure do, but everyone that’s bought the gs3 now knows that there GPS sucked big time & it wasn’t all our was thought to be *the sensor app’s* I traded my evo 4g lte for the gs3 & regretted it, but not this time.

  6. You need to have one more candidate….None of the above…….
    How about adding phones from Huawei or Blu who make very interesting units.

  7. I own an HTC ONE X (AT&T), still haven’t received sense 5, from HTC, AT&T just updated to 4.1.1, not 4.2,which would have been nice considering apps for Android 4.2, & this Android update, as many of you know took MONTHS after JB had been released. The HTC ONE X, @ about this time last year, like the HTC ONE, was touted as the next & best, “Flagship”. I have serious reservations for purchasing another HTC “Flagship”, hearing yet again “latest & greatest”, just to, yet again, be left behind in Androids latest software version, while others Android devices, with same specs are updated & HTC not updating there own software eg. Sense 5,which yes the One X is capable of running. I will be upgrading my phone in the coming months, & just kind of watching how HTC treats its current customers, it’s not always about the phone, rather how customers are treated while using them.

    • Sprint updates there phones pretty quick because they barely customize there Roms & I can tell you from that no ones getting the 4.2 droid room update until a couple of phones are released in America with 4.2 already installed, thats the american way I guess.

  8. The major wireless carriers service offering fees are ridiculous. What’s next 30 cents for every digit dialed or 10 cents for every character texted? I won’t buy any of them.