Hands On: Samsung Galaxy S4 [Video]

    [youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aionSzh8pQ&feature=youtu.be”]


    Tonight in NYC, we were able to take a look at the all new Samsung Galaxy S4. Looking very much like its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, the S4 features a 4.99″ super AMOLED Full HD display and tons of new S-Features. Picking up the phone for the first time you can really feel how thin and light it is, well, its is made of carbon fiber. Coming in at 7.9mm thin, this phone really, really thin, did I mention its thin?

    2Flipping the device over you can see the blue or white back plate, which is very much resembles the Galaxy S3. Look up just an inch or so and you see the 13MP Camera. From my immediate testing, it seems pretty decent, but we all know that can change. Unfortunately, I was unable to send myself the sample pictures. The front facing camera looked great as well, its 2MP and really seemed to display colors and contrast pretty accurately.

    3Alas, we have reached the star of the S4, the screen. The Galaxy S4 boasts a beautiful 4.99″ screen, which looks, for lack of a better word, amazing. Compared to an iPhone 5, it doesn’t compare. As of right now, the only phone I can really compare would be the HTC One. Colors look vibrant, Blacks look black and paired with the specs underneath, this phone is some serious competition.


    Samsung really pack the S4 with everything imaginable, except metal. The light weight is great, but the S4 still feels like a piece of plastic, which brings the overall value down (just a bit). Seriously, compared to the HTC One, the S4 feels like a toy. But don’t take this the wrong way, the screen, speed and software are what makes this phone one of the best.

    5After taking in the million-and-one new features of the S4, it really is a great piece of kit. Granted, I was unable to try most of the new S-Features due to the environment and pre-production software. So the real questions is; Will this phone be as popular as the Galaxy S3? The answer is a definite yes.


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    • android user

      At the end of this clip.. TW bug..! Tipical unstable android. I wonder if that was from microsoft how would you blogers react?.. Any way this smartphone still have the cheapest look ever

      • It’s called a demo unit. The software isn’t finished yet. Microsoft’s final releases are usually the same quality as other companies’ demos.

    • Limbwalker

      Looks to be an amazing upgrade from the S III. The HD screen of that size is incredible feature. With the amount of RAM, memory and upgraded camera it leaves the iPhone in the rearview mirror. Good job Samsung once again- –

    • I’m stuck between the SGS4 and the HTC One. I think I still like the One better. Either way though… amazing phones.

    • OMG NOW IT’S MADE OF CARBON FIBER! LOL, how much do you guys get paid? Or do they just give you a free sg4 to lie to your registered users? And really if you can’t tell the difference between carbon fiber & regular plastic you have no authority to make such s claim. Carbon divert would basically man the phone is stronger pound for pound than steel & would be all over the NEW’S from day one!

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