Samsung working on an Android wristwatch?

Samsung working on an Android wristwatch?

Last year, Sony introduced Sony SmartWatch, a wristwatch that keeps the user in touch with their Sony smartphone. Now, it looks like Samsung is planning to bring the whole Android experience to a wristwatch. Reuters is reporting that Samsung is working on a device similar to a wristwatch which should again compete against you know who… Apple.

The Samsung device will perform many of the tasks of a smartphone, the source said on Tuesday, without giving further details. The source declined to be identified because Samsung did not want to reveal to the public any information about its new product line at this time.

It seems trends as of late are to move into wearable technologies. This year’s CES saw a number of companies unveil smart watches or connected watches so it stands to reason that the bigger brands will want to follow suit. Or lead the way.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg indicates that things are moving along fast and in a more officially recognized capacity.

“We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long,” Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, said during an interview in Seoul. “We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

Do you think its a good idea for Samsung to bring Android technology, with almost all kind of smartphone features, to a wristwatch? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: Reuters | Bloomberg

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  1. Kent in Dallas TX
    May 18, 19:19 Reply

    I am not interested in a smart wristwatch that tries to be an Android smartphone. (No wannabees, thank you.)

    However, I would be interested in a smart wristwatch that could get along with my Samsung Galaxy S4

    I would like a wristwatch that would always display the time of day & date as my GS4..

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