T-Mobile hosting press event on March 26


T-Mobile is hosting a press conference in New York on March 26 where they will supposedly stop acting like a wireless company. The invitation does little more than tease a new direction for the carrier; however, the most likely outcome will be the shelving of subsidy plans and move to a no-contract-only option.

Other rumors thrown in the mill as of late include creating a hybrid 4G LTE/42Mbps GSM network. Should that be the case, unlocked GSM phones and those intended for AT&T could potentially work (better) on the 1900Mhz band.

Whatever the case, we’ll be watching closely and will be happy to share the news as it happens.  Any guesses as to what T-Mobile is up to next week?

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    It would be very much in line with their recent decisions to put an end to handset subsidies, but I would be surprised if they also went to a prepaid-only model. Handset subsidies are one of the ways wireless providers make contracts palatable, and contracts are one of the ways in which they get a more reliable, and arguably more lucrative, cash flow.

    It would be particularly epic though, if T-Mobile stopped individual accounts entirely and sold bandwidth only to MVNOs; letting them deal with billing so T-Mobile can focus on infrastructure.

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