10 more awesome icon packs for Android

10 more awesome icon packs for Android

So you’ve gotten into customizing your phone or tablet a bit and now you want to tweak a bit more. Have you checked out our 25 fantastic icon packs post from early February? Awesome, right? Now you’re looking for more.  We aim to please.

One of the easiest ways to change your existing look is to install a new launcher.  Once you do that, it’s even easier to swap icons in and out. Want to shake off the winter blues and put something a bit more spring-like or colorful? Presto. Prefer a minimal look with single colors across the board? Done.  All you need is a great icon pack or two and you’re on your way.

We’ve gathered up 10 more awesome icon packs to go along with our previous collection. We’ll continue curating these types of lists and will return with more once we’ve scooped up enough!

Check out the  gallery for a sample of the great icon packs available for Android. Mouse over anything that appeals to you, find out the name then head below for links!

Note that there are a number of launchers for Android and that not all of these may play nice. Our advice is to read the details and check out the user comments if you aren’t quite sure. Further, some of these will require manual selection and adjustment. 

Snack Pack

Snack Pack is a clean and minimalistic theme to help bring the designer out in you. This theme works well with Apex, Nova, ADW, and Go Launchers. It may work with other varying launchers found on the market but has not been tested for compatibility. $1.49

Glass Rings

The original Glass Rings is back! The theme that inspired hundreds of “Ring” themes. This time it is back for APEX, Nova, ADW, Holo Launcher, Holo HD and much more! This is a launcher theme (for Apex, Nova, ADWEX, ADW.Launcher, & more!) You must have one of these launchers installed for this to work. FREE


Icon set modded by at428hk features 93 icons in black and/or white. FREE (donate via Paypal)


1,000 icons are included..with more to come in future updates! These icons are BIG, so if your launcher supports icon size changing increase the size to have even bigger HD icons. Currently supports: GO Launcher EX, ADW Launcher /Ex, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Holo Launcher, Atom Launcher, Desktop Visualizer $1.99

SMPL White

Includes 840+ beautiful icons to pick and choose from, and more than 2,500 icons themed. Supports Go Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher. Also comes with full Go theme. $1.99

Rare White

Includes 38 icons for some of the most commonly used Android apps. FREE

25_icon_packs_720 10_kick_ass_icons


Works for Apex Launcher, ADW Launcher, Nova Launcher, and  Holo Launcher. Features include icon mask , meaning all of your icons will be themed. Roughly 150 icons and two wallpapers in bundle.  $1.30

Pushy v2

Works for Apex Launcher, ADW Launcher, Nova Launcher, and  Holo Launcher. Features include icon mask , meaning all of your icons will be themed. Roughly 150 icons and two wallpapers in bundle.  $1.30 


This is a launcher theme (for Apex, Nova, ADWEX, ADW.Launcher, Nemus & more!) and will change the graphics and icons for many popular launcher replacements. Features include new graphics for dock bar (ADW & Apex), over 750 custom icons, themed search widget, and extra docks (ADWEX). $1.49

Google JFK

Icons created by Google, collected and curated by carlosjj. Latest version (3.3) supports ADW, Launcher Pro, and Nova however development has been discontinued. Results may vary. FREE

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    And whole google play is spammed with stealthy icon pack that are so horrible quality that I really puke when I see “icon pack” search results… so sad that so low quality did dominated google play

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