25 geometry-themed wallpapers for Android

25 geometry-themed wallpapers for Android

Looking to change up your Android home screen?  It doesn’t get much easier than swapping out the wallpaper; it’s one of the quickest ways to breath new life into the mobile experience. We are curating a collection of wallpapers for you, dear reader, and are only too happy to share the goods!

We’ll be adding to the collection on a regular basis and will occasionally highlight a theme or specific artist’s work we really appreciate.

About this collection

This collection of wallpapers is a dedicated to the common theme of geometry. Yes, we’re talking about circles, squares, triangles, and other shapes.

In digging up the following 25 wallpapers, we found that these basic shapes, combined with colors, make for great backgrounds to Android phones or tablets. In fact, we ended up having to enforce a limit (for now) so that we could focus on our next theme. There were just too many great geometry wallpapers for us to put in one collection. Rest assured, we’ll be back to revisit this theme again and again!

Click here to see our entire  collection of wallpapers.

Note that the wallpaper page may go through a few changes over the coming weeks and that your experience should improve with each update. If you see something that you think we’d like to share, drop us a line.  What’s more, if you have created some wallpapers of your own and want help in spreading the word, we’re your guys.




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  1. Soen
    March 26, 18:45 Reply

    The irony being that because of the silly javascript slideshow it’s near impossible to save the pictures using Chrome on Android. *grumpy cat*

  2. GWriters UK
    July 12, 04:44 Reply

    I’d also recommend the cover picture from Muse’s album “The Resistance”. Great piece of art and also, as you called it, geometry themed. http://gwriters.co.uk

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