Five reasons Evernote still reigns over Google Keep


Look, as nice as Google Keep is in its first iteration, there’s a long way to go. Sure, I love the idea that it ties with my Google account, synchronizes across all my devices, and offers some great widgets. On the other hand, I’ve already come to see things in Google Keep that I miss from my Evernote experience. This is not to suggest, however, that Google will not eventually introduce some of these features.

After spending a solid hour playing with Google Keep, I came up with five major reasons why Evernote is still my preferred method of collecting and curating notes, photos, tasks, and more.


While I understand that Google Keep is my notes and tasks, there are still things that I would live to share with others so that we can collaborate. Perhaps a grocery list with my wife, maybe a list of articles to start writing. Whatever it is, Evernote allows for better collaboration.

Browser extensions

Whether you are a Chrome, Firefox, or other browser user, chances are good that there’s an official Evernote extension. Toss in a smattering of wonderful third-party clients and you’ve got your pick of the litter. It’s incredibly easy to share a web page, image, or copied text to Evernote with browser extensions.

Evernote Food

Who here doesn’t love taking pictures of their dinner and sharing with friends? OK, you two can leave. For everyone else, we often find ourselves snapping pictures of our dinner and sharing across a variety of platforms. Evernote Food is a wonderful feature which not only provides these options but also for geo-location and notes. Yes, Android has really cool sharing features and a Google+ or Twitter share is but a press away.


One of the features I love most about Evernote is that I can view pictures of receipts or notes on a map. It’s super easy for me to see all the taxi receipts, expenses, and other notes from when I travel. Rather than worrying about tagging everything with a specific code, I can simply view everything in one geo-based lump. Of course, I suspect Google will find a way to integrate Maps into Keep at some point. Until then, this is one of the most-compelling reasons to stick with Evernote.


Drawing on top of an image, note, or photo is a breeze with Skitch and the features keep getting better. What was once a standalone app and service has come to really round out the Evernote experience. Sure, phones like the Galaxy Note 2 offer this in the overall experience, but this is way more fleshed out and detailed.


I’m very impressed with Google Keep thus far and think it is on its way to becoming an incredibly useful feature/service. If only because it’s Google, I expect it to grow with deeper Android and Chrome integration down the road. With that in mind, I still find Evernote to be a bit more suited to my tastes. A few releases from now, things could be completely different.

What apps are you using for note-taking and to-do lists? Is it one of the above? Maybe you’re more of a Catch Notes or Any.DO person? Please, leave a comment or feedback in the comments below with your impressions of Google Keep, Evernote, or your preferred app.

  • Theo

    Can’t help but feel #1 should be organization. Between tags, notebooks and stacks, Evernote can organize everything with flexibility and ease. So far, I’m not seeing ANY organizational features in Keep. It looks like search is the only form of organization available currently.

    I’m also wary of these new products, given Google’s penchant for introducing stuff only to kill it off later. Can’t invest in the product until I know Google actually has interest in keeping it alive and available.

  • This list leaves out the most important reasons I’m sticking with Evernote:

    1) File attachments, including PDFs that are automatically OCRed.
    2) Web clipper extensions (the author mentions extensions but doesn’t specify what for).
    3) Categories/folders.
    4) Tags.
    5) One button PDF note creation with my Fujitsu scanner.
    6) Create note via email.
    7) Create notes via import folder.
    8) #IFTTT support.

  • Evernote is so far ahead of this in functionality that I don’t even understand the basis for comparison.

  • The real reason not to adopt Google Keep is the fact that at the same week they closed an important product (Reader) – they release a new one that who knows, maybe will be closed in one year for some reason….

  • TimO

    Comparisons of Keep to Evernote and Catch don’t seem valid really. Maybe Google will take Keep into Evernote/Catch land but that is clearly not the case now. Keep seems more of a sticky note keeper, something and somewhere to put quick thoughts and messages. It doesn’t seem that Google, at least at this point, was trying to compete with the Evernote guys. If Google wants to be in that game then should just buy Catch Notes and integrate the Keep user-interface which, in my opinion, is quite good and clean

  • Steve Clark

    Im shying away from Google products, not adding to them. Screw Google Keep and Google+ for that matter

  • Kris

    For me the Google Reader thing left me skeptical. I think competition is good though. In the end I’ll stick with Evernote as I don’t trust Google so much any more.

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