T-Mobile’s UNcarrier pricing details surface

    The first details of T-Mobile‘s forthcoming UNcarrier strategy have surfaced online, albeit in a very unofficial manner. The document you see here comes courtesy of Engadget and spells out the preliminary pricing and Classic Plan options for T-Mobile‘s new direction.

    As it appears here, individual plans start at $60 per month and include unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of data. All plans, for that matter, will include the unlimited calling and texting; customers simply choose the data plan that fits their needs.



    All but the truly unlimited data option also include tethering (SMSH, or Smartphone Mobile Hotspot) as part of the package however you can add-on a bucket of tethering to the $90 unlimited data plan. Once you hit your tether allowance, the feature turns off for the remainder of the month. Not to worry, though, as your unlimited high speed data continues on.

    Expected individual rate plans for T-Mobile UNcarrier strategy

    • $60 for Unlimited talk and text plus 500MB data (and unlimited tethering)
    • $80 for Unlimited talk and text plus 2GB data (and unlimited tethering)
    • $90 for Unlimited talk and text plus 4GB data (and unlimited tethering)
    • $100 for Unlimited talk and text plus 6GB data (and unlimited tethering)
    • $110 for Unlimited talk and text plus 8GB data (and unlimited tethering)
    • $120 for Unlimited talk and text plus 10GB data (and unlimited tethering)
    • $130 for Unlimited talk and text plus 12GB data (and unlimited tethering)
    • $90 for Unlimited talk and text plus unlimited data (must add tethering plan separately if desired)

    Family plans follow a similar strategy in that customers pick the right data plan; mobile broadband options are also expected as add-on options for voice plans as well as standalone.

    It is expected that T-Mobile announces the new plans at the upcoming March 26 event in New York.


    • Chris

      This doesn’t seem like a step forward…
      Right now I pay 100$ for 2 unlimited lines with 2gb of data

    • Andy_in_Indy

      So, if I get this right, I want the Unlimited Plan if I plan to use 4 GB or more unless I plan to tether, in which case I want the Unlimited plan at 8 GB usage.
      These prices are comparable to Verizon’s price with subsidized phones. How is this “Uncarrier” program different? I thought the “Uncarrier” was supposed to free us from the hidden costs of the subsidy?

      • Reggie

        Right i dont see the savings…only passing the cost of subsidizing to the customer eventhough there isnt any subsidizing…i repeat i dont see any savings from my current plan

    • osxoep

      I pay £17p/m for unlimited data, text and web with unlimited tethering in the UK.

      Come on America…

    • This is the Problem and been the problem with TMO…Your pricing and everything about you guys in print is STUPID!

      • ricki

        you are retarded. this is the easiest plans you can have idiot

    • nonamerequired

      This information is wrong. the flyer says classic plans when T-Mobile has switched their plans to the value plan. This must be for corporate plans.

    • Quryous


      MAN! Why do EXPENSIVE? This is ridiculous. Don’t people even look around? I get UNLIMITED, UNCAPPED EVERYTHING for $79.00 month. (PS. That is too expensive, too, but it includes a phone subsidy, which helps a tiny bit.)


    • Martin K.

      Different plans with different rates and different features. I don’t see what’s so “uncarrier” about this. Even if subsidies and contracts are gone the cheapest plans don’t compare to a lot of prepaid offerings out there.

    • syed

      Wrong information this is classic plan pricing with subsidized phones

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