Samsung rumored to be prepping Galaxy Tab 10.1 or 11.6 with full HD AMOLED display


It seems every day we hear something new from the Samsung camp, and yesterday was no different. We reported that Samsung will most likely announce an array of tablets coming soon to compete with the Xperia Z and other high-end options at IFA 2013. Well, there is more to the story than we thought.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 was Samsung’s first tablet that implemented their Super HD AMOLED technology, and according to SamMobile, they have decided to implement it at a larger-scale. The insider for SamMobile couldn’t confirm the size of the tablet, but he expects it to have a 10.1” or 11.6” Full HD Super AMOLED screen . The source of the rumor, an alleged Samsung insider, has said that the company has completed prototypes with different screen sizes. He also said that Samsung’s latest Exynos processors will power these devices, and just maybe Android 4.2 or 5.0 Key Lime Pie will be included as well.

We have no idea when the Galaxy Tab with Super AMOLED technology will arrive, however it is always a possibility that it could be announced with the Galaxy Tab 3 in Berlin. We will make sure to update you as soon as we know more.


  1. […] 目前,苹果仅仅提供两种尺寸的 iPad,其中 iPad mini 还是去年下半年才推出的。相比之下,三星拥有 10 英寸、8 英寸、7.7 英寸、7 英寸的产品,且还有 5.5 英寸的 Galaxy Note 2 作为跨界之作,受到消费者很大的青睐。而昨日又有消息称,三星将在 IFA 2013 上发布一系列平板产品,包括一款 11.6 英寸的全高清 AMOLED 屏幕平板。 […]