Get this look for your Android: Newspaper

Get this look for your Android: Newspaper


Do you know what love to do with our Android handsets and tablets? We ‘re huge fans of changing the home screen around a bit and creating a new user experience. That’s why we present a weekly series of Get This Look posts.

In a nutshell we show you a new look for your Android handset and tell you which apps you’ll need if you want to mimic the feel. Some of these are a little easier to create than others and many of them can be tweaked to no end. The following details are but the ingredients to which you can create your own delicious Android dish; your results will vary. Which is awesome!

If nothing else, this is a great way to discover new apps, widgets, icons, and more!

Newspaper by Burro


For starters, this is unlike any of the other designs we have highlighted in this series. We like the faded papyrus and antiquated/faded newspaper background as the text pops off nicely. The faded grey icons look good on on the right side, while the text links on the left also gives quick access to some of the more popular apps.

As is the case with any good home screen experience, we have at-a-glance looks at weather, time, alarms, and upcoming appointments.  While we think there could be more uniform approach to the font, it’s not a deal-breaker.

The manner in which RSS or news feeds are displayed on the right hand side looks sharp and adds to the newspaper effect.

It’s worth noting that three of the paid apps listed in last week’s edition are also used in Newspaper.

Check the archives for even more inspiration!


What else:

MyColorScreen is dedicated to the great ways you can modify your home screens.

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