Facebook phone to be marketed as “more than just an app”

facebook_logo_720Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s insistence to the contrary, the Facebook phone looks to be a done deal. According to details obtained by 9to5google, an HTC handset is being designed with a custom version of Android. Reportedly, development is so far along that the ad campaigns are already set and ready to go.

As a nod to this phone being a much expanded version of the Facebook application found on iOS and standard Android devices, one of the tag-lines for the device is “more than just an app”.

So what would a Facebook phone look like? Those who have seen the device say it calls to mind the iPhone with a home button in the center, flanked by capacitive function keys. The handset is said to be roughly the size of an iPhone 5 with rounded edges and a beveled design.

According to Tech Crunch sources, the project could fall under the name of “Facebook Home”. Considering the teaser mentions a “new home on Android” this makes a bit of sense. Further, it sounds as if the overall user interface could be a skinned launcher. Able to run the full suite of Android apps, the UI would be quick access to Facebook apps and services.

Whatever the case is, we’ll be watching the rumors over the next few days as we run up to the April 4 event!