Could Andy Rubin be headed to Facebook?


If you’re the type who like to read tea leaves, you might be interested in this next one. Andy Rubin may be headed to Facebook, according to someone (Jean-Baptiste Su) who has known him for years.

While he doesn’t outright claim this to be fact, he makes a semi-valid argument as to how it could be possible that Andy Rubin is en route to the social networking giant. From his perspective, Andy’s leaving Android behind was far too sudden and seemed to come from nowhere.

But today’s invite for Facebook’s Android event, next Thursday, got me thinking again. Did Facebook make an offer Andy couldn’t refuse, to re-imagine Android for example, no strings attached, no budget. Forget about Chrome and other useless Google services. Just a beautiful, simple, more social, mobile operating system.

The Forbes writer also tosses out the fact that Andy has been busy on Facebook recently with a new cover photo, a profile picture, and more.

So, what if?

Could just be a string of coincidences, right? But what if? What happens if Andy Rubin picks up with Android over at Facebook and starts an entirely different endeavor? How does that make you feel? Do you even care? Heck, do you even know who Andy Rubin is?

We could find out in less than a week if there’s any truth to the speculation; Facebook is holding a “new home on Android” event on April 4.


  • boonesimpson

    it is interesting for sure and would probably be a smart move for Facebook, but the big feature of Android for me is how tightly integrated it is with Google Services. I don’t have that level of attachment to Facebook…but I guess some might.

  • Chris Brown

    omg..No! I’m so over Facebook. its time is waning.

  • John-Michael Williams

    Andy Rubin is not going to Facebook… The reason he left the android team is to work in the Google X section on more creative inventive projects. He himself admits that’s where he does his best work, when he is not restrained by corporate details and just aloud to create… Moon shot projects, he loves robotics.. I think a better bet is trying to work on expanding [email protected] for home automation, not Facebook.

  • blix247

    There is no opportunity to “reimagine Android” at Facebook. All Facebook has done, and all it will ever do, is wait for Google to push the latest changes out to the public, and then they will rip out as many Google services as they possibly can and substitute them with inadequate replacements, in the same vein of Amazon.

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  • “Forget about Chrome and other useless Google services.”
    … The moment I stopped reading.