AT&T will be exclusive provider of 64GB HTC One


AT&T will be the sole provider of the 64GB (internal storage) HTC One, according to a YouTube video posted by the carrier. You’ll notice that there are two mentions of the storage capacity for the HTC One in the clip, each time referencing 32GB and 64GB options. In both cases, the latter is accompanied by “AT&T Exclusive”, indicating that the highest storage option will only be offered via Ma Bell.

Perhaps this could be long term, perhaps only for a short window.  Either way, if you are looking for the absolute maximum amount of storage in the flagship device, you’ll need to go with AT&T for now.

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Does this affect your purchase in any way? Were you looking forward to scooping up the 64GB model on a different carrier?

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  • Brian Parkerson

    This is just more of a reason I hope Google’s X phone implements device customization. I want a device to my requests and not have to settle because some carrier wants exclusive rights. Too Hell with the carriers and concentrate on the customers!

  • darkjuan

    Does AT&T have a pre-paid or month to month plan? If so then I’m going that route and then skipping out after the first month! I hate this exclusivity BS!!

  • Not true… HTC will be selling the unlocked developer model in 64GB to a US zipcode. See here!

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