Samsung ‘Galaxy Mega’ devices coming soon?


It is that time again already when we hear about a juicy Samsung rumor for upcoming smartphones. SamMobile, a source of almost every solid Samsung rumor, is reporting that Samsung is planning to launch a new line of Galaxy smartphones, which will be known as Galaxy Mega. 

Samsung is reportedly planning to introduce two more smartphones with huge display; the Galaxy Mega 5.8 a.k.a GT-I9152 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 a.k.a GT-I9200. Like the Galaxy Media Player series, the names indicate the screen sizes.

We recently heard about a Samsung fonblet with a 5.8″ display; Samsung also launched a Gamepad for Galaxy S4 which can handle devices with screen size up to 6.3-inch. Perhaps this new Mega 6.3 is is what we’re looking at instead of the Galaxy Note 3 being that large?  Allegedly, the Galaxy Mega 5.8 will come in white while Mega 6.3 will come in both black and white color.

Taking all of this with a grain of salt, we might see both of these by the end of May.

If these devices are real, would you consider buying them? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: SamMobile


  1. The owner make confuse people which phone to buy and which phone not to buy .. Every day he launch his new phone … He think people always think about phones .. I also want to buy a new samsung phone but I m confused which phone to buy .. If today I buy note 2 then tomarrow s4 will launched and if I buy s4 then the other day mega launch ..

  2. Oh YES I would of course !
    I would like to have a good balance between my beloved phone galaxy note 1 (5.3″) and the galaxy tab 2.0 (7″ with huge tablet edges), so for me, around 6″ with thin phone edge is the best solution.
    I love those big screens, the confort is incredible to write sms, read mails and web, play, look movies, …
    Oh yes, I know that I look strange three or four times a week when I have a call, but I don’t care, regarding ALL the other moments the whole days having such a pleasure with such a screen 🙂