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News and Rumors

T-Mobile kicking off “4G Super Sale” December 17, offering down payment rebates on all phones

T-Mobile’s 4G Wonderland continues its holiday promotions by kicking off the “4G Super Sale” December 17. For two days only (Dec. 17 & 18), T-Mobile will be offering any phone

News and Rumors

Samsung Shoots for 330 Million Phones in 2011

Samsung aims to sell 18% more phones un the new year. Can they pull it off?

News and Rumors

Barnes & Noble Expected to Announce Another Nook on May 24

Barnes & Noble is expected to announce another device in their NOOK lineup later this month, possibly more powerful than its predecessors.  Although the full details remain hazy at this


  1. Cliffy44
    April 04, 22:44 Reply

    More money for Mark Fuckenberg?
    I think not; as Farcebook screws everything up, just like the corrupt muslim known as obama does.

    I wouldn’t have the Farcebook handset for free, with free service.

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