Verizon CEO: “We would consider dropping contracts if consumers demand it”

Verizon CEO: “We would consider dropping contracts if consumers demand it”


Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam has not ruled out the possibility of dropping contracts, according to recent comments. Speaking with CNET at an industry event, the head honcho said that he’s glad to see other carriers trying new things and, if consumers demanded it, Verizon would be able to adopt similar strategies.

McAdam said it was “pretty easy” to change up the model to eliminate contracts, and added that he would watch the consumer response that T-Mobile gets from its recent decision to drop contracts and phone subsidies altogether. He indicated a willingness to follow suit if consumers start asking for it.

It will take some time to see how effective T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier plans work for the carrier but we imagine all other players will be watching closely. Should T-Mobile see significant results over the next quarter or two we might expect others to move quickly.



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  1. RNx2
    April 04, 12:49 Reply

    …if consumers demand it. LOL. Because we all know consumers love the 2 year contracts. Calling BS and if T-Mobile hadn’t changed their price structure, it’s unlikely anyone else would have followed suit.

  2. michael sanchez
    April 04, 19:44 Reply

    Right like we haven’t demanded better pricing on data. You are full of shit mr . Really

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