T-Mobile HTC One now available for pre-order, shipping April 18


The HTC One is making its way to USA through AT&T, Sprint and, now, T-Mobile. If you are a T-Mobile customer interested in the hot new smartphone you can pre-order the HTC One directly from HTC. The company plans to ship the device by April 18th, meaning April 19th could be construed as the official release date.

Screen-Shot-2013-04-05-at-12.12.45-PMKeep it in mind that HTC’s shop is powered by LetsTalk.com, so T-Mobile’s new UnCarrier plan is not available, hence you have to pay $199.99 if you want to pre-order. As TmoNews says, “This will be strictly for customers on or switching to T-Mobile’s Classic plan option not available through company-owned locations or channels.” If you are interested in the $99 plan, then you have to wait.

Are you planning to pre-order or you prefer waiting? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

Source: HTC via TmoNews


  1. i dont UNDERSTAND if i try to pre order one but it said coming soon on t mobile.And if i pre order one was going to be the exact TOTAL price because i dont think is going to be 200 dollars!!!please helpp..

  2. Lol, no uncarrier (value) plan, no purchase! I’m having a hard time understanding why people would willingly choose the Classic plans.

  3. I ordered one, but now they’re showing up as “Back ordered” instead of available for pre-order. And I had to call LetsTalk because they f’ed up the shipping info (their order form allows you to ship to a different address than billing, but when I called them per their request they said they couldn’t). Overall faith in LetsTalk is relatively low right now.

  4. i just order the 64GB developer edition am so excited, now that tmobile launches LTE in LA is great cause i dont have to be on contract. i pre ordered the phone but it says it on back order till the 18th am hoping i receive the phone before the 22nd, its a birthday gift to myself 🙂