HTC’s downward spiral continues with worst quarterly profits on record



HTC, now more than ever, needs the HTC One to help save the company from falling completely into obscurity. The handset maker today indicated that it will report its lowest quarterly profit on record for Q1 2013.

Unaudited earnings are expected to be down 98% year over year on a net profit of a mere $2.8 million. With sales of $1.4 billion, HTC is definitely feeling the brunt of the HTC One delay.

With the HTC One arriving right around the same time as the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC will not have it an easier in the second quarter.



  1. If they release dumb phones, what do you expect? Past the HTC Sensation, they have not released anything descent and different.

  2. Amazing, I would have thought it would be a sure-fire strategy to release phones with decent (but not stellar) specs but stripped of key features like a replaceable battery or expandable storage and rely on insulting how your competitions product feels to hold (when obviously that’s not a problem for people) to differentiate yourselves.