How To Install Google Play Store v4.0

How To Install Google Play Store v4.0

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It’s been quite a while since we have seen a visual upgrade to one of Android’s most integral applications, the Google Play Store. While the current version follows the Android “holo” design guidelines, the overall appearance of the app is becoming a bit stale. Luckily, Google has been working on a full design overhaul, which is said to be rolling out over the next few weeks. But who likes waiting? Thanks to a leaked apk file, you can manually upgrade to the newest Play Store version, and here’s how:

  • Download the new Google Play Store apk
  • Place the apk file on your device
  • Using a file browser, locate the file and open it
    • Make sure that you ‘Allow Unknown Sources” in your security settings
  • Install the Play Store as you would an application
  • Open the new Play Store and take a look around

This simple, root free install will grant you full access to the newest version of Google Play. If you are experiencing problems installing the application, please ensure that you are on Android version 2.2 or above. It’s tweaks like these that help us to remember how open Android is, allowing us to update system applications before they are even released, amazing.

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  1. Johnny Murillo
    April 16, 00:23 Reply

    It Looks OK. But I Preferred The Older Style, When It Was The Android Market!! The One Before This One That’s Getting Replaced.

  2. Mo
    May 11, 04:10 Reply

    Will this work on a tablet that was bought in a country that does not support Google Play? My tablet currently does not have google play, and I also don’t have a google play account.

    • Li
      May 12, 19:19 Reply

      I think you need a lot of service framework login service etc to get it to work. I send my friend all of those and it still didn’t work

  3. femi victor
    July 08, 02:03 Reply

    Each tym I wanna install Google play I got ah message”anoda version of googleplay is already installed wit a signature or watsoeva plz help….

  4. beejay
    October 25, 21:18 Reply

    Im sorry I can’t Google store not accept empty end the complete almost games anything to always carelessly storage? too many I think so yet Google account again I can’t late try…bottom not finish.

  5. arindam
    February 26, 13:53 Reply

    After install it say “unfortunately google play stop working” is there any way to download in tablet. Please help us

  6. Nefeli Biebs
    March 11, 22:44 Reply

    I download it in my tablet. But the first time when I tried to download a game it it said ”unfortunally Google play stoped working”. And then every time i try to get in the store sais the same thing. What can I do?

  7. Sparkling Pearl
    September 03, 07:18 Reply

    I downloaded it, but when I tried installing it .. after a min or two it says ” application doesnot installed” please tell me what to do?

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    September 24, 15:47 Reply

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    February 19, 03:45 Reply

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  11. Jabiri
    March 13, 05:08 Reply

    is verry traublee to gat play store on my phone

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