Big Android BBQ 2013 puts call out for sponsors, volunteers, and speakers


It’s hard to believe it but we’re halfway toward this year’s Big Android BBQ. Having just passed the “less than 6 months to go” mark, the fourth (already!) event is slated to kick off on October 10 in Dallas, Texas.

In an effort to help make this year’s conference the best one yet, we’re looking to help drum up interest on three fronts: speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. Head to the official website for the Big Android BBQ where you can learn more about each of the categories. While you’re at it, grab the Android app and keep up to date as well.

With so many speakers and sessions, the Big Android BBQ is your opportunity to get your next project underway by networking with experts providing diverse experiences in Android programming.


Not a developer? But are a huge fan of the little green robot and want to have a good time with other like-minded individuals? The Big Android BBQ has you covered! With sessions for enthusiasts and evening activities, we promise you’ll have the time of your life this October!

If you have not attended one of these events in the past and want to learn more about the Big Android BBQ, be sure to check out the website or perhaps the handy infographic. We might be a little biased here but it’s one of our favorite times of the year, getting together with developers and enthusiasts with one common interest. Don’t take our word for it, though, 94% of those polled plan to return for this year’s festivities.

Given that the early bird tickets have already sold out we expect the rest of the lineup and event to come together quickly.