Source: LG to hold New York press event on May 1



We just received word from one of our readers advising that LG will be hosting some sort of press event in New York on May 1. While they were not able to tell us what LG might be planning we have an idea – U.S. launch of Optimus G Pro. At least we hope that’s what LG has up its proverbial sleeve. What’s more, we’d love to see the flagship device announced for all major carriers. Seeing as how Samsung and HTC are ready to blanket the airwaves with their big releases, we’d like to see LG keep pace.

With only a few weeks to go before the rumored May 1 event we might soon expect invitations to start rolling out.

Cheers to youknowwho!


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  2. […] There is still a suspense over the release date and place. A lot of people who are waiting for the right opportunity to use the device will be eager to reserve it before its release. New reports circulated about the release date and the special offers for the LG Optimus G Pro android mobile phone. Manufacturers announced that the Optimus G Pro will be first available in US soil. LG will learn to be holding a press event in New York on the 1st of May, when they will announce the android mobile phone for the US, and the handset is expected to be available with a range of carriers including ATT. Via […]