Samsung to employ new design for Galaxy Note 3?

Over the weekend we learned a juicy bit of information coming from one of SamMobile’s insiders. According to rumors, Samsung is getting a little nervous after seeing the success of the HTC One, and is unsure if their build quality and design of their mobile devices is good enough for their users.

If you remember, the HTC One is made completely from aluminium, something all Samsung fan have said they would like to see. When the Galaxy S4 was introduced, people started to point the finger at Samsung for using plastic again instead of aluminium or metal. Now let’s clear up the fact that Samsung isn’t worried at all about the software; they believe their software is far superior than what runs on HTC devices. In their minds, what could be better than Samsung’s simple Nature UX interface?

Now back to the issue. According to SamMobile’s insider, Samsung is worried about build quality and they plan on changing things around a bit on their next flagship device. It has been said that the Galaxy Note 3 will not use the same design guidelines of the Galaxy S4. The material choice for the Galaxy Note 3 is still unclear however. Will Samsung listen to their fans and turn to metal? They were going to try it with the Galaxy S4 as it was very popular internally, but Samsung couldn’t produce it on time (due to deadlines) so it was trashed. Maybe this time they feel a little more prepared. There is still time for Samsung to get everything geared up and produce a device using something other than plastic. As usual nothing has been confirmed, so as soon as we hear about any new changes in regards to the Galaxy Note 3 we will make sure to keep you informed.





Source: SamMobile

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  • TMW_Shadowstarr

    If it uses that “leaked” picture before the SIII launched (the super rectangular device which had the screen take up pretty much the entire front) then maybe I’d go for it. Just make it removable and leave us all the other goodies (removable battery and SD card) and I’d be open to change.

    Or go with Graphene. =P

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  • hohopig

    What utter bullshit again … Please do not propagate the myth that Aluminium is more “Premium”. It is in fact one of the softer and weaker and cheapest metal around. And that is why there are so many reports of it getting dented and scuffing easily.

    On the other hand, the plastic composites has came a long way and while I doubt the phone manufacturer uses really expensive composites, what most composites do have are properties that often rival metal in terms of toughness and flexural strength. Which is why it is not as easy (though it can happen if hit hard enough) to really dent a phone with relatively good plastic composite casing.

    If you want to talk about premium, wait till the manufacturer start using high grade stainless steel for the body.