Verizon’s Device Payment Plan starts April 21


A few days ago we reported that Verizon Wireless was readying a deal that would allow customers to join a payment plan and pay full retail cost for devices. Today, we learned that the payment plan will be available starting April 21st.

To make the change as effortless as possible, Verizon reports that they are making the following changes to their upgrade plans:

  • Customers on a two-year agreement will be eligible for an upgrade at 24 months vs. today’s early upgrade eligibility at 20 months. As always, customers may purchase a new phone at the full retail price at any time.
  • Customers also have the option of purchasing a phone at full price at any point before their contract expires and beginning April 21, some devices will be available for purchase through the Verizon Wireless Device Payment Plan.
  • The New Every Two program ended in January of 2011, yet Verizon Wireless has continued to allow customers to use expired credits. As of April 15 however, these credits will no longer be available.
  • Customers can still share an upgrade with another person on an account (if that customer is upgrading to a device within the same category.) Customers can still use a phone upgrade to purchase a new phone, however the option to transfer upgrades from non-phone devices will no longer be available.



  1. Im confused, does this mean we can still pay full price for the plan that used to include a phone subsidized over 2 years, and also pay full price for the phone? this blows.

    • My thoughts exactly. This is a mind numbingly stupid move Verizon. What possible advantage does this give the customer without a reduced price plan for non-subsidized devices? You still won’t be able to take the phone to another carrier because of their CDMA network.

    • It simply means that you can pick a phone that is free with the plan, or if you choose to go with another option you can make payments on it. Nothing is reduced in price sadly.