Samsung posts $6.4 billion net profit after Q1 earnings

Samsung posts $6.4 billion net profit after Q1 earnings

Even with the heavily-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 sitting in the “yet to be available” category, Samsung has just posted some big financial news. Their Q1 profits have been released, and with them, Samsung has passed 7.15 trillion Won, or about 6.3 billion US dollars. Their total sales sit at 52.9 trillion Won, a big raise from the already staggering 45.3 trillion Won announced last quarter.

Of course, Android plays a huge part in their sales – approximately $3.58 billion of their profits come from phones, a lot of which are powered by Android. Samsung Mobile hauled in 6.51 trillion Won, with 68 million units sold.

via bloomberg

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  1. kevindaledavis
    April 26, 12:48 Reply

    You might want to redo some of your math. I doubt that $358 billion of their $6.3 billion profit comes from anything. Certainly not phones.

    So Samsung created $6.3B of profit selling twice as many phones as Apple did. And Apple created $9.5B of profit. And Apple only has a few different products. Samsung on the other hand is in EVERYTHING. If you live in Korea, EVERYTHING in your home can be Samsung from the front door to the back door.

    Seems like I’d rather be in Apple’s shoes.

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