SIMPLE Mobile, a great alternative to contract plans

I hate bills, especially phone bills, and when I receive one in the mail that includes overage charges I want to scream. Who wants to take time out of their busy and already chaotic day to call customer service to barter a deal that gets rid of excessive charges that weren’t supposed to be there in the first place? Certainly not me!

How it normally goes…

It all begins beautifully. You walk into a shiny new phone store, they talk to you sweetly as you try to explain how you want a plan that includes everything and one that won’t leave you with surprises, and after an hour or so you leave with a brand new toy and plan. You think to yourself, this is finally what I’ve been waiting for. A flat $79.95 a month, no surprises, no sneaky hidden fees.

A month later, you come back to reality and realize you are in the same situation you were in with your previous plan: service fees, roaming fees, credit checks, extra data rates, smart phone charges, and so on. In all honesty lately, the no-contract plan options have been looking better and better to me.


A different way…

For the past 60 days, I have had the pleasure of using a test phone (a Galaxy Nexus) with a SIM card provided by SIMPLE Mobile, and I have to say I am quite pleased. How does it work? SIMPLE Mobile (owned by TracFone Wireless) runs off of T-Mobile‘s 4G network, and has about the same connectivity as regular contract T-Mobile users. You use your own phone or purchase one from a retailer such as Best Buy or Amazon, so there are no extra charges for phone type.

simple mobile 4g

It doesn’t matter if you prefer an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows phone, they are all welcome! To get started, just sign up online or at a local Simple Mobile dealer and they will send you an activated SIM card. Once you receive the card, all you do is insert it into the phone, go through a couple of activation steps, and you are ready to go. Unlimited talk plans start at just $40 a month (or $25 for 15 days) and they even offer international long distance plans as well for an additional $10 a month.


Of course nothing is perfect. I live in the South, and even though the coverage map says I have 4G capabilities, I never saw it once. But I can’t complain. The $50 plan I am currently using gives me a full 3G or 4G experience, and even while I drove to Ohio I never had any downtime or loss of coverage. Web browsing was flawless, but MMS services did have some problems with replicating messages at times. However, there is an easy fix for that: download a messaging app.

simple mobile plans

I have included plans and pricing below. Honestly, with full plans starting at just $40 a month and no extra fees or hassles (as well as being able to end my my service at the end of each billing cycle and transfer my own number,) I am quite pleased. If you are in the market for a no-contract plan, I highly recommend you check out SIMPLE Mobile.



Unlimited Calling Plans

$25.00 (15 day talk and text)

  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Unlimited International Text
  • Voicemail, Caller ID, and more


  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Unlimited International Text
  • Voicemail, Caller ID, and more
  • Unlimited Data (250 MB at 4G speeds)


  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Unlimited International Text
  • 3 Way Calling, Voicemail, Caller ID, and more
  • Unlimited 4G Data





  • Stephen Bawks

    Curious to hear some more feedback on Simple. I am using Straight Talk currently. The $40 dollar plan would be a little cheaper than the $45 I have at Straight Talk. I currently have an ATT SIM and have wondered if switching to the TMobile would be any better. Currently ATT data seems a little slow to me.

  • How much “unlimited” 4G data do you get on the $50 plan before you are throttled?

    • anonymous

      I have heard some customers have hit a 2GB cap

      • I have also read some people say there is a 2GB cap, but I can’t find this info anywhere on the Simple Mobile site. If that’s true, then GoSmart Mobile might be a better choice with 5GB of 4G data for $45.

    • yippiedad

      With Straight Talk I got throttled at around 200MB with no explanation. I had not done any tethering or other questionable behavior. My concern is that TracFone owns both SIMPLE and Straight Talk, so I see no reason for SIMPLE to behave differently than Straight Talk. Consider yourself warned!

    • sc5686

      They do throttle you, and shut you off, as I like to share with others, tmobile has a partner that offers $49/month no contract for unlimited everything, voice text and data, 4g data is up to 4gb but it just slows does, its still unlimited. You can use any gsm phone. If switched by 10/11/23 your first month is only $29 if interested let me know, 240-422-1839

  • yippiedad

    Please be aware: Both SIMPLE Mobile and Straight Talk are owned by TracFone. If you haven’t experienced TracFone then you’re lucky – I recommend that you stay away. They have no moral issues throttling your data speed when you have only used 200MB. I can’t afford an unreliable service so I’m running back to T-Mobile – they offer no-contract too…

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  • MagicMiguel

    Wondering if this is just Straight Talk rebranded, with $5 more for the “unlimited” plan…

  • The best part is not paying the taxes.

    • Joycheerio

      That’s changed now for sure, i sure am paying ’em.

  • John

    I hate Simple Mobile, once you reach a certain amount of data they completely SHUT your data OFF. When you call them they give you the run around and tell you they will turn it back on at the start of the next billing cycle. There is no unlimited, they are a scam and a fraud.

  • Flabio Avendano

    They have been charging taxes for a few months now, so I have the $40 dollar plan, well, it’s not $40 anymore,

  • getlobyster

    I newly activated a service via phone call and the representative did not ask whether I wanted to transfer the existing phone number I used before setting up the service. Then I had to make another phone call and was first asked to purchase another SIM card and pay additional fees which I angrily declined. Then the rep said he was able to transfer the number and asked me to wait for 4 to 17 hours. After waiting forever without a phone to use, I still could not make calls. Made another series of calls to simple mobile via my roommate’s phone and I was told a replacement SIM card will be mailed to my address. That is, I HAD TO WAIT 3 TO 5 DAYS TO MAKE A PHONE CALL!!! This I found ridiculous as I could neither pick the SIM up at their stores to hasten the process nor did they offer to provide me a backup SIM to use for those few but long days. To make matters worse, they still expected me to pay for those days I did not have the service.

    This was a nightmare and brought me to tears.

    • sc5686

      Hey, I hope everything got worked out for you, but if not, or Maybe you’re just tirednof them, I can get you on a comoany partnered with T-Mobile, so ots nation wide 4g service, unlimited everything for $49/month (no contract) if switched by 10/11/13 your first month is $29 you can port your number, and this takes MAYBE an hour tops, not to do it, but to wait for it to go through and a lot don’t even wait that long.
      You can use any gsm phone, if you’re interested let me know, and I can send you a sim card free, and your “time” doesn’t start till you activate it, so you don’t have to worry about paying for days you haven’t used while waiting for the sim 240-422-1839

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  • Slick

    I think some if these messages are faked by more expensive carriers. I switched from AT&T.., I don’t think I need to tell u how much they suck.

    I pay a flat $40 now. No taxes.., I pay upfront for the month.. So they can’t mess with the charges. I kept my same number and had no problem with service.
    I stream pandora when I drive daily.

    This is the real thing! Unlimited for $40. Telling all my friends.

  • sc5686

    Although the service is well due to it being on mobile, the plans are not unlimited, they will cut you off, the cap on data is I believe 2gb. I went with solavei, a new carrier that offers unlimited everything and the cap is at 4gb! The cost is only $49/month and they have a pretty sweet referral program for when you enroll your friends and family. Check it out, you can use any gsm phone and it runs on tmobile network as well

  • Giovanni Michael Guzman

    Well im a simple mobile customer from puerto rico. Simple is great. On my galaxy 2 works great. Took it to florida noproblem. Their downside is that they don’t warn you once your reaching your 2 gb limit on data then they cut your data service till your next cycle. So you must use your home,office or an open wifi. Other than that they are great.

    • sc5686

      Hey, you’re in PR? TMOBILE has a partner that offers service there too, its $49/month and you get up to 4GB of 4g service, (still unlimited) unlimited voice text ,and data. I know they’re having a promotion if you sign up before the 11th your first month is only $29! I’ve used them for over a year now. You can use your current phone too. Find me on facebook to message me (Shannun Terry) and ill hook you uo with a free sim card too

  • jeffn

    Simple mobile has upped all the data on thier plans! $40.00 plan now gives you 500mb…to see the rest go to thier website.

  • Megan Cooke

    I am new to the Simple network. I came from Verizon contract, was paying darn near $300 a month for my husband & I! That was only with the 2GB data plan! So I traded in my Android, ended up with unlocked iPhone 4. It has been 3 months now, and this entire time I was kicking myself thinking this phone is so slow completely a huge down grade. My Internet is so slow, I might as well be on dial up, no joke! I even went as far as doing a factory reset on my phone! But after reading several forums & reviews, paired with the fact my phone seems to speed up only in higher elevations, but stil not enough to even watch a u tube video. Not to mention it’s too slow to even download any apps! My conclusion is Simple uses T mobile towers & I think it would be wise to try out a pre-paid plan that uses AT&T towers after all I own my phone out right, can’t possibly get any worse!!

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  • Jason Diggs

    I had simple mobile and was very pleased. Then I found out about solavei. They use the same network, but pay you for referrals so my phone bill is zip, zilch, nadda! I all about burning contacts and using unlocked phones. I guess you can say I LOVE my freedom.

  • sunny mandial

    No simple mobile is a piece of shit. Many kind of plans for same price they change your plan everything. It’s stupid to have different plan every month. You pay and suffer once you pay you are stuck. You can’t change. I think simple mobile is owned by some sick people or the people working there are sick

  • Pi Facz

    I needed mobile internet service for a week-long trip so I signed up for the 7-day unlimited voice/text and 2GB of 4G data plan for 20 bucks. The service was absolutely HORRIBLE!!! The service worked fine the first few hours until I left my area. Absolutely NO 4G service! Not even 3G!!! Only butt-slow Edge service and even that didn’t work at times. The phone signal was usually weak, that’s when I was able to connect to a cell tower which was sporadic. When I returned back from the trip, the service improved. Apparently Simple Mobile nationwide coverage is MISERABLE despite what the Simple Mobile maps display. Overall, LOUSY SERVICE!!!! Don’t waste your money! Don’t use Simple Mobile!!!