Sony shows off Triluminos display technology, hopes to compete with Super AMOLED and Retina displays

Sony shows off Triluminos display technology, hopes to compete with Super AMOLED and Retina displays

Sony, a company who’s no stranger to new technology, has introduced a new display technology. The company revealed their new Triluminos display technology, which looks to enhance the display of devices to even beyond the likes of Super AMOLED and Retina displays.

How does it work? According to Sony, the Triluminos display technology uses quantum dots, or nanocrystalsto display information. These nanocrystals are so small that they have quantum properties, and are able to emit light at precise, preset wavelengths. The result of the whole process is a major enhancement of display factors, such as a much larger color gamut, as well as highly improved contrast and brightness.

Of course, Sony is already excited about bringing the technology to their Xperia line. According to Sony:

During the interview, the heads of Sony Philippines likewise confirmed that Triluminos display will definitely come to the Sony Xperia smartphone line. This is cool because, as of writing, Sony is still using TFT panel even in its top of the line handset releases, including Sony Xperia Z. Triluminos will be the Japanese company’s answer to display technologies being offered by other companies like Retina Display and SuperAMOLED

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  1. teh
    April 30, 09:23 Reply

    Sounds great! Xperia ZL would have been a great phone, had it had a better display. Same could be said about the Xperia Z.

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