AT&T offering at least $100 credit for trade-ins on smartphones

AT&T offering at least $100 credit for trade-ins on smartphones

AT&T has a new offer from their retail locations that lets customers get at least $100 towards the purchase of a new device when they trade in their old smartphone. As long as the old phone isn’t more than three years old, and is in good, working order, the person trading in will get a $100 credit towards their new device. AT&T will individually evaluate each phone that gets traded in – and they point out that your phone could be worth even more than $100.

While select retail locations will be running the promotion, any corporate AT&T store will be guaranteed to be offering the credit, and may also accept more devices than an individually owned location – such as tablets, data sticks, and perhaps even feature phones.

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  1. Chris Carr
    May 03, 20:50 Reply

    Not if the phone is > 3 years old. I was offered “Recycle” for my 4 y/o Windows Phone, which I assume means they won’t give me one red cent.

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