Electronic Frontier Foundation shows Google fights for user privacy more than Apple, others

Electronic Frontier Foundation shows Google fights for user privacy more than Apple, others

If you have an interest in your privacy – and, let’s be honest, you really should – then this information from the Electronic Frontier Foundation should be of interest to you. According to a recent report from the EFF, Google has ranked as one of the highest in a slew of public companies when it comes to how they protect their users.


According to the report, Google received marks for:

  • Requiring a warrant to release user content
  • Publishing transparency reports
  • Publishing law enforcement guidelines
  • Fighting for user privacy rights in court
  • Fighting for user privacy rights in Congress

In fact, the only thing that Google didn’t receive a mark in was telling users about government data requests. In comparison, the only thing Apple did receive a mark in was fighting for user rights in Congress – something that, honestly, is a little difficult not to do, what with all the lobbying that goes on.

Other companies did score higher than Google; for example, Twitter and Sonic.net received marks in every category. Other companies, however, such as Verizon and MySpace, received no marks in any areas at all.

Be sure to hit the source link for the full report, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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