September 16, 2014

T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger is complete


T-Mobile and MetroPCS announced on Wednesday that the merger between the two carriers is now complete. A press announcement crossing the wires this morning confirms that the joint entity will operate under the name of T-Mobile with public trading conducted under T-Mobile US (TMUS).

“The combination of T-Mobile and MetroPCS creates an even stronger disruptive force in the U.S. wireless market,” said John Legere, President & Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile US, Inc. “Together, as America’s Un-carrier, we’ll continue our legacy of marketplace innovation by tearing up the old playbook and rewriting the rules of wireless to benefit consumers.”

With a shade under 45 million total subscribers, the carrier still trails behind Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. MetroPCS customers will be transitioned over to T-Mobile’s network by 2015 at which point the spectrum used for CDMA will be converted over to help build out LTE.

Business Wire

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