Google abandons X Phone project, analyst says



Google, no longer interested in the X Phone, has returned the project to Motorola, or so says a Chinese analyst. According to Sun Chang Xu, a woman with 18 years in the Chinese electronics industry and nearly 100k followers, Google no longer sees the project as innovative.

This is not to say that the X Phone series of handsets is going away; Motorola is reportedly running things on their own. Of course, neither Motorola nor Google have said anything on the project and neither has even confirmed things officially.

We’re gonna go ahead and say that Google and Motorola are still working very closely on this project. There has been too much noise around what users demand from devices nowadays and it seems too far along to just drop out. What’s more, the Nexus stuff hasn’t necessarily been about top-of-the-line hardware but more of a litmus of where phones should be at the time.

Sun Changxu via GSM Insider


  1. With all the recent bluster over Google’s Moto acquisition being a failure (which I think it stupid) Google needs to show users, competitors and partner OEMs THEIR vision for the next step in hardware.

  2. NO NO NO… Completely wrong.

    how can you people speculate on something that was only speculation in the first place
    Stop with the sensationalist headlines when you have zero factual evidence to back it up.

  3. Here’s vague news from a vague “source” about vague phone that was never confirmed. Tech blogs these days are a joke. Shut up and wait like the rest of us for actual news and confirmation instead of posting crap.