HTC First getting discontinued, source says


After barely a month into its release, the HTC First is set to become discontinued, or so says a source close to BGR. The phone, which already dropped from $99 to $.99 last week, has reportedly sold somewhere south of 15,000 units. Blame AT&T, Facebook, or HTC… whoever ya want, this thing is a sinking ship.

Our source at AT&T has confirmed that the HTC First, which is the first smartphone to ship with Facebook Home pre-installed, will soon be discontinued and unsold inventory will be returned to HTC.


According to insiders, AT&T reps are not fans of the device and are instead pushing other products like the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, and HTC One. And, really, the blame probably falls mostly at Facebook’s feet for thinking people want to buy a phone around “more” Facebook.

AT&T’s official stance, however, is that the $.99 price is a promotion and that no future plans have been made in regards to the HTC First.


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  • Rauel Crespo

    Maybe HTC and repackage them with Sense 5, and sell them in stores at an Off-Contract price of $250-$300? That is One ideas that I Desire to make Sense for the First time.

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  • Carl

    whoever in HTC decided to go along with Facebook should be fired. anyone who has business knowledge knows that HTC First is going to be failed because people can already enjoy Facebook without buying the First and the spec on that phone isn’t impressive.

  • Alan

    HTC should sell them as first-tier unlocked
    or prepaid phones (thru a company less draconian than ATT). ATT is just not competitive when it comes to mobile and their network isn’t very good either. I could see this selling as a prepaid phone on T-mobile or sans-carrier ready for your SIM card. All they
    have to do is replace the facebook ui with Sense and they are good to
    go. I’m no facebook fan but if this device had Jellybean/Sense I’d buy