Zact enters the no-contract fray with custom-built plans

Zact enters the no-contract fray with custom-built plans


T-Mobile, AT&T, and pretty much every other no-contract carrier have at least one more wireless provider to keep an eye on.  The carrier is called Zact and it aims to make things easier and/or provide more options than the other guys.

Zact, offers a pair of entry-level Android handsets at un-subsidized prices in the LG Viper and LG Optimus Elite. Both run older builds of the platform with the Viper being the more basic of the two.

In terms of options, customers start at $4.99 per handset and then pick how many minutes, messages, and data is needed. There are pre-packaged bundles you can opt for however anyone can choose very specific details.


Zact operates on a number of principles that, on paper, help it to stand above the fray.  Don’t use all of your minutes or messages? Zact will refund you for whatever wasn’t used by the end of the month. Want to share data with another device?  All you need to pay is the $4.99 and then you’re good to go.

  • Customize your amount of voice, text and data right from your device, and adjust it any time
  • ‘Never Overpay Guarantee’ with automatic credit back to a plan that would have saved you money if a bigger plan was unnecessarily purchased
  • True sharing that lets you allocate a custom plan of any size to as many devices as you wish
  • Remote parental control on kids phones to set curfews, apps and contact restrictions
  • Access to specialized plans including app-specific plans, one-time top-ups and international long distance

Parents can manage other handsets by restricting apps, setting curfews, and blocking contacts. There’s also total flexibility and freedom in changing plans or options. No need to worry about extending contracts or paying fees to make changes.

To learn more about Zact be sure to check their website out – you’ll find details on phones and rate plans.


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