Android support for Blackberry Enterprise Management Suite announced in BEM 10.1


If you’re part of a corporate environment, chances are pretty hefty that you’re familiar with Blackberry’s Enterprise Management Suite. Now, however, Blackberry has announced that along with Enterprise Service 10.1, there will come support for Android devices. In other words, your company will be able to roll out and manage Android devices just as easily as it can with Blackberries.

Big news for all you Android fans in a Blackberry only enterprise environment. What do you think about the announcement? Be sure to let us know below.

via crackberry


  1. ummmm… BES 10.0 and BlackBerry Universal Device Service (UDS) have been supporting/managing Android ever since UDS launched in 2012.

    What’s new in BES 10.1 is Containerization/Sandboxing methods that will be used on both Android and iOS devices to mimic BlackBerry Balance (from BB10).

    This new feature will have IT Managers rushing their Admins to get this software up and running because Android and iPhone security flaws can be isolated by separating the corporate data from the personal data. BYOD policies will be written around this software.

    Like it or not, BlackBerry isn’t going anywhere.