Apple sets sights on Samsung Galaxy S4 in patent infringement lawsuit


Apple currently has a pretty massive “anti-Android” lawsuit going, and they’re looking to add yet another device to their list of culprits. Apple says that:

Samsung recently released its newest smartphone, the Galaxy S4, which began shipping in late April 2013. Based on Apple’s analysis of the Galaxy S4, Apple has concluded that it is an infringing device and accordingly intends to move for leave to add the Galaxy S4 as an infringing product. Upon the grant of such motion, Apple will eliminate (without prejudice) one of the Accused Products named herein, so that it will continue to accuse only 22 products of infringement at this stage of the litigation.

They say that they have ‘concluded that it [Galaxy S4] is an infringing device”, and plans to add it to the list of devices that includes the Galaxy Note / Note 2, Note 10.1, Galaxy S2, and Galaxy S3. This isn’t the first time Apple has aimed directly at Samsung for supposed copyright infringement, and this set of hearings is set to start next Spring.

via theverge


  1. Ok, it will begin next spring. It will finish… later. Samsung will release S5 by then. Nice, Samsung innovation is faster than Apple litigation 😉

  2. Shouldn’t the guys at Apple be smarter than this? Samsung supplies components for some of Apple’s products, and the last time they won a lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement, Samsung dialed up their prices…

  3. Apple is at the point now where they’re just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. If they invested the amount of time, money and effort into innovating instead of litigating they might have left Samsung in the dust. I have the feeling that if things were to to Apple, in ten years the best we’d see in incrementally improved iPhone 5. Sad and pathetic.

  4. Can’t blame this lawsuit on Steve {dead} jobs,guit ur fukkin crying u bad apple,get on with some good devices and get ur stock back on top, approved by stay thirsty my friends!

  5. This judge, Lucy Koh, really is an absent minded dumbass. Now we probably have to wait the better part of 2 years to see the final verdict. By that time its possible Android and Apple both will have been surpassed by another smartphone on the markets.