Hangouts announced as Google’s messaging overhaul, app replacement to Talk ready for download

Hangouts announced as Google’s messaging overhaul, app replacement to Talk ready for download

If you’ve been paying attention to I/O today, chances are that you saw the announcement about Hangouts. Hangouts is Google’s new messaging system that is stepping up to replace Talk, and users are excited. The app is now available on the Play Store, as well as on the app store for Apple devices, and available for PC / Mac.

The new app is a refreshing overhaul in the user interface department, with a sleek new look, and an intuitive experience. You can start new chats by name, email address, circle – or even a phone number. Even better, the new Hangouts is broken free completely from Google+ as a standalone application.

You can check out the Android app at the source link below, and get to chatting.

via google play

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  1. Ryan Clayton
    May 15, 17:03 Reply

    Doesn’t seem to want to let me update or install this. It just gives me the open button, as if it’s already installed. But that just opens up Talk.

      • Ryan Clayton
        May 15, 17:07 Reply

        Thanks, that works for my S3…but it’s not even compatible with my Nexus 7? Good job Google.

  2. Mark Wagner
    May 15, 19:08 Reply

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t include a desktop application to replace the Google Talk application. I’ve played with the extension for Chrome, but it lack basics features like remembering window positions, and the UI features available on Android. Plus, to be signed in, you need to have Chrome running all the time.

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