New Google Now cards include reminders, TV shows, video games, music albums, and more

New Google Now cards include reminders, TV shows, video games, music albums, and more

Google Now is another app slated to get some updates, thanks to the I/O conference. There are six new cards coming out for Google Now, and they include:

  • Reminder
  • Music Albums
  • TV Shows
  • Public Transit
  • Books
  • Video Games

Reminders will allow you to set reminders to do things like “buy a wrench”, where as the rest are set to give you information.

Also, Google showed off new “hot words” in voice search, which allow for broad inquiries like “show me restaurants near work”, or “when does my flight leave”. Google is looking to make the experience with Voice Search a little less like talking to a machine, and more like asking your personal assistant a question.

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