Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition set to be announced at Google I/O

At the Google I/O event, Samsung is set to make a pretty big announcement. A new version of their latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, will be announced – the Google version. Now, this doesn’t mean that Google will do that manufacturing, or any major overhaul like that. What it means is that Samsung understands that some people, while they may love the device, aren’t so big on the software (mainly TouchWiz). In response, we’ll e seeing a pure AOSP version of the Galaxy S4 being prepped to launch.

An AOSP version of Android, for those who don’t know, is simply Android without the manufacturer overlays. It is the pure, stock Vanilla experience from Google, just wrapped up and set to work with the Galaxy S4.

This is a major step for Samsung. In the past, if users wanted to have the option to go AOSP on a device that runs with an overlay user interface, they would have to root their device, and install a custom ROM. Even then, the experience had the capacity to be not-quite-optimal, as drivers and such had a tendency to spend a long time in development before being released for these ROMs, making some functions of the device not work at all.

This new version of the Galaxy S4 is expected to be available in june on T-Mobile‘s USA bands. We don’t have any information on pricing, nor do we know what kind of retail outlets will be selling, if any at all – with it being a pure Google experience, they may choose to sell it via the Play Store.

What do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • Damien Callaly

    I wonder will existing owners with Touchwiz be offered the chance to ditch it for pure Google…unlikely I suppose

    • Not officially but I suspect that someone will take the ROM from this and make it flashable for other devices, at least the ones that share a chipset with this one.

      Hoping this also means good things for AOSP based ROMs for the GS4.

  • technohead95

    It sounds extremely promising but my concern is that a Google Experience device doesn’t necessarily equate to much faster Android OS updates

  • Thx84

    I wish it was not the only one OEM making this step, especially HTC and Sony. Other thing I worry about is the international availability of this phone. Probably US only, as T-mobile is rumored to get the phone

  • baconboy

    Hope it comes to verizon but probably not till the S5 is out lol here comes bobmit

  • Kind of regretting my regular GS4 purchase now.

    • Trevor

      I get the feeling they’ll release the roms for this that we can flash onto our S4’s… this is my hope, anyway. I can’t imagine the hardware is any different… but I too envy the idea of never having to deal with Samsung and AT&T’s bloatware.

      • the hardware will be identical, and I can imagine virtually everyone wanting to do the same.

  • lbcary

    Those who already have their S4’s & are now regretting it bcuz they dont like TouchWiz, dont worry about it. Those with S4s now will probably be able to run the new, upcoming, version of the S4s vanilla rom before, or within a day of the devices availability. So those with current S4s dont fret. With how many leaked, then official, roms become available before the actual release date. As long as the new S4 has the same hardware our current S4s, then our S4s now should have no problems using the new S4 software.

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