Samsung finally hints at an update for Galaxy S4 storage problems


galaxy_s4_cropped_top_720Recently, many buyers of Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 have been disappointed to learn that the 16GB model only offers around 8GB of user-accessible storage. To make matters worse, when Samsung was confronted with the issue, they replied stating it could easily be fixed with the help of the built-in microSD slot. This was not the most favorable response by a long shot.

Thankfully Samsung heard all of their users not-so-pleasant responses and has said they will look into ways to free up more storage in the new handset (only after the issue was recently featured on the consumer BBC TV show Watchdog of course.) Samsung had previously defended its position, saying the lack of space was necessary to provide owners with “more powerful features,” however with only 8GB of free space on the 16GB model, CNET reports that the company will review “the possibility to secure more memory space through further software optimization.”

No word yet on when or if an update will be rolled out. My best advice for now; be prudent of how many games and apps you install.



  1. This is crap and i don’t even own the S4. With the pricing for USB keys and Micro SD nowadays there is no reason what so ever that ALL manufacturers cant set the base memory at 64GB right now, leaving plenty of space for the OS and other stuff.

  2. While the situation on my Note 2 isn’t quite as bad as what’s being described for the S4, I have to say I was disappointed that there was not a 32 GB version at launch (for the note 2, and for the s4 on all carriers). Even more frustrating is that unless you root, I’m stuck with Need for Speed Most Wanted, which takes up a fair amount of space.