Sprint Galaxy S4, Note 2, HTC One get Google Wallet support

Sprint Galaxy S4, Note 2, HTC One get Google Wallet support

Sprint has teamed up with Google to bring their Wallet service to three additional devices. The Galaxy S4, Galaxy note 2, and the HTC One are now all fully compatible with Google Wallet, which is big news, as these three devices could easily be considered the top 3 on Sprint at the moment.

The Wallet app can be downloaded directly from the Play Store, using this link. Be sure to let us know your thoughts if you download it on one of these devices.

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  1. Jonathan Oquendo
    May 16, 19:08 Reply

    Sprint is giving great competition in my area in Williamsburg, average download it’s 10, 14 & rarely 23 MBS down, while up it’s around 5, 8 & 14 MBS up! Pretty good for unlimited.

  2. Jonathan Oquendo
    May 16, 19:09 Reply

    Oh & integrated Google voice in the network plus Google wallet always there, you can’t lose.

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