Watch Google I/O full keynote [video]

Watch Google I/O full keynote [video]

Looks like you need to set aside a short block of time – only about 4 hours – so that you can watch the full keynote from Google I/O yesterday. There were a ton of announcements, releases, speculations, questions, answers, and probably even a confusing remark or two.

Check out the video below.

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  1. Jackson
    May 16, 10:44 Reply

    What a boring Google I/O!! All they did to talk about making more money
    by offering services that are already available and most likely better. A
    good chunk of time was spent on things that had nothing to do with the
    end user. They were less interested in wowing the crowds/users with expected hardware and
    software news, and more interested in making itself look good. With all the improvements related to core Web services,
    these things could make our life easier but at the same time this also
    allow Google to pursue its business model of
    learning more about you, and selling more ads. Overall, a very boring
    conference. I enjoyed much more watching the Blackberry conference.

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