Add a bit of Google Play design to your homescreen with PlayBar UCCW


Want to change your home screen up just a smidge? Here’s a great app we just discovered called PlayBar UCCW. As the title suggests, it is a pack of pre-designed widgets that work within Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW).


The bundle features access to a handful of the most common apps and settings, including camera, Twitter, Google+, and Music. What we liked most about these is that you could totally strip out your home screen and replace it with a few of these shortcuts or simply add one or two to your current layout.  Perhaps the best aprt is that a few of them offer notifications.

  1. Camera
  2. Clock (with a working clock)
  3. Email (with notifications)
  4. Google+
  5. Movies
  6. Music
  7. Phone (with notifications)
  8. Playstore
  9. Settings
  10. SMS (with notifications)
  11. Twitter

Please note that you need to download and install UCCW first, however that’s a free and easy-to-use application!

All of these have editable hotspots, to change a hotspot, make sure you disable them in UCCW first, then you can double tap on the skin and edit the hotspot. (then re-enable hotspots after).

And, as if this wasn’t cool enough, the creator has shared a PSD file for anyone who wants to create their own widget.  All this for the always-attractive cost of nothing!

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download PlayBar UCCW (Google Play)[/download_link]



  1. So…to use this skin pack, download it then download UCCW too. After that, go onto widgets and add a UCCW widget and you’ll see these widgets available. Make sure after you’ve added them to click on them and test them. If you just get taken to the UCCW app then in the settings, select ‘Lock widget’ otherwise they won’t work. Hope this helps…