Google+ for Android version 42 features released

Google+ for Android version 42 features released

The most recent post on the Google Plus development blog is showing off the latest version of G+ for android, version 42. The update includes major improvements to photo handling, such as:

  • Auto Backup, to safely and privately store your photos as you snap them
  • Auto Highlight, to browse a selection of top shots from every set of photos you add
  • Auto Enhance, to make subtle improvements to the people and places in your images, automatically
  • Auto Awesome, to create fun new versions of your pictures (like animations and panoramas) based on the photos in your library

There’s also new location sharing with specific circles, which will allow you to view someone’s location (as long as they’ve shared it with you) on their profile, which gives way to the new “locations” section of the app. If you go to Locations, you’ll be able to see the locations of those friends who have shared it on a map.

There’s also improvements to the stream itself, including hashtags in the mobile app. These tags will show on the top-right of the individual posts, and tapping the hastag will show other relevant posts about the topic.

While the new release isn’t available yet, you can head to the play store (link below) and grab it now, and you’ll get the update when it’s available.

[download_link link=”” variation=”blue”]Google+[/download_link]

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