March 30, 2015

Rumors: HTC "Senseless" edition may be coming this summer, Android 4.2 finally coming to the HTC One?


htc_720wAs most HTC One users can yell you, the much anticipated high-end phone is really lagging behind when it comes to which Android version it is running. The One should have come out of the box with Android 4.2 when it was released, however it is still running on yesterday’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (coupled with Sense 5,) all while the newest version of Android 4.2 has been out for almost six months.

As expected, HTC One users have been begging for an update, and thankfully their wish may be granted sooner than they thought. Over the weekend, a source known for providing insider information on HTC devices tweeted that the HTC One could get an update in as little as 2-3 weeks. What would Android 4.2 bring to the HTC One? The most significant updates are the ability to have widgets in the lock screen, a quick-settings panel in the notification drop-down, and a more responsive swipe-based keyboard.

The HTC insider (@LlabTooFeR) also included a tweet that referred to a “Senseless” HTC One that may be released as early as this summer. The device would be a similar version of the One, running stock Android (just like the Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” unveiled at I/O.) This may definitely all be speculation, however @LlabTooFeR has a stunning reputation when it comes to leaks of HTC’s handsets. He/she correctly predicted the HTC First, as well as the specifications of the HTC M4, which is rumored to hit the market as the HTC One Mini.

Of course this is still all rumor and no confirmations or dates have been set. As soon as we hear more we will make sure to update you with all the details. Until then let us know, are you comfortable with your One running 4.1, or will you be excited to have Android 4.2 on board?






Source: Android Authority


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  1. Heidy

    I’m fine with how it is, but the “quick-settings panel in the notification drop-down” would be nice.

  2. Brian Baker

    You know the sense keyboard already has a “swipe” like feature on 4.1.2 right?

    • EternalQuack

      I’m pretty sure he wrote ” and a more responsive swipe-based keyboard.”
      I don’t remember him mentioning that it’s a new feature

  3. Ritesh

    This might not mean much to people who don’t care or just don’t know about pure Android, but this would be MASSIVE for AOSP fans and the whole dev community.


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