HTC One to receive Android 4.2.2 “very soon”, source indicates



The HTC One is set to receive its Android 4.2.2 update in the very near future, according to trusted tweeter @LlabTooFeR. A number of tweets over the last few days paint a picture of the smartphone picking up the latest release of Jelly Bean with an HTC Sense 5.1 experience.



Given that HTC has yet to make any formal announcements regarding the 4.2 update we’re going to have to keep this firmly in the rumor corner. With that said, we’re inclined to believe HTC is making headway on the Jelly Bean front. We might look for something along the lines of a Facebook announcement in the coming days or weeks.


  1. How does a guy in Russia know what AT&T plans to do here with possible Samsung update, since it’s carrier dependent?