You have to check out the photo search feature in Google+

You have to check out the photo search feature in Google+

Wanna see something really cool? No, for real, this is pretty impressive stuff that only Google could pull off.

Here’s what you do.  Open up Google+ on your Android phone and go to the photos tab. Tap the menu button and tap where it says “search photos”. Type in a keyword such as sky, clouds, water, dog, blue, or whatever. It doesn’t matter much.  Check out those results! Is that not awesome?

I noticed this in the app the other day but didn’t think to mess with it.  A post by AndroidPolice today tells me that I should have given it a go as it’s much better than I initially thought. No, you do not need to be tagging your photos or applying anything extra to your images. Indeed, Google+ knows exactly what’s in your photo gallery.

I tried it a number of times just to see how accurate the results are.  In most cases I found them to pull up a nearly 100% accurate list. Sure, it might not yield every single photos but it’s pretty damn sweet.

Yep – it works just as well on your desktop web experience!


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