When will Verizon launch HTC One?

    Sounds as though HTC may have finally played it’s hand correctly to get big red carrying the same model as other carriers. We’ll see if that holds or if they make the struggling handset manufacturer rename the One before it releases. Although I don’t think anyone would be too excited for a “DNA 2”

    XDA Forum member criptix claims to have seen an HTC rep’s Verizon HTC One. That would be good news for HTC fans on Verizon and every other carrier with the release of the latest API.

    Just for the sake of confusion, clarification  or rebuttal, we’ll add this recent bit of chatter out of @evleaks and Slashgear.  Reportedly, the HTC One will hit Verizon’s doors before July… We’ll see, right?


    Any Verizon users out there excited for this? Anyone willing to renew a contract with Big Red just to get the One?

    Let us know in the comments!


    • Scott Kenyon

      I already left Verizon. There are quite a few people who are similar to my position. They’re tired of waiting forever for the great hardware. They’re always at least one month later than the other carriers, then they announce it like they’re doing you a favor.
      I’m now on AT&T, with the phone I want, paying less money. Who cares if they ever get the damn thing. The customers would do better to leave Verizon, forcing them to either change policy, or get out of the carrier game altogether, thus selling the bandwidth to the other carriers.
      Of course, this is the best case scenario, which would never happen. Most customers don’t care about these things, or even realize they’re paying too much to have dated hardware.

    • Elle

      Considering my contract with Verizon will be up in July, I will renew and get the HTC One. Waiting is not a huge concern for me because of the contract expiration date, but also because I’ve had and hated both T-Mobile and AT&T in the past (especially hate AT&T). Just because a certain brand pops up on those networks first won’t make me drop Verizon to get the latest and greatest. I don’t want a status symbol (iPhone) that’s been glommed onto by everyone and their grandmother (literally). I want a phone that’s fast, functions properly, and (shock!!) actually allows me to make calls!! And if it happens to be pretty to boot, that’s okay too.

      • VinyTaco

        Did you know, you don’t even need to sign a new contract after it expires? You will just go off contract, pay as you go, kind of deal. When you don’t play is when you will lose your service. So you could hold out for a while if you wanted too.

    • Max Kimball

      If the HTC One actually does come out on Verizon, will it support the AWS network?

      • Tony McAfee

        No official data to my knowledge at this time.

        But since the One is the primary competitor to the S4, it would stand to reason that as the S4 is the only device to currently support the AWS bands, the One most likely will also.

    • Don Villapando

      I am ready to leave Verizon, but if they do carry the HTC One, I might just stick with them longer. BUT, I hope they release the pure Android version. If not, well, it’s a toss-up.

      • michael arazan

        Still using the GNex, would love a Nexus edition HTC One. I’d gladly give up the crappy 4 MP camera for the awesome dual speakers. If Moto, or HTC doesn’t come out with a phone by the end of summer with stock android, going to buy a used GS3 and wait another year for a good stock android device

        If it weren’t for my unlimited data @ $30 a month I’d leave too. Hope the Dish-Google carrier is still on tract for the end of the year to open.

    • Andre

      My contract has been up with Verizon since January, I had been waiting around for a phone that I actually liked and then the HTC One comes along, but Verizon does not even have it. I guess it will be time to go back to sprint after 9 years with Verizon if they don’t get the HTC One before the end of summer. Verizon is the most expensive(with great service), for as much as we are paying for their service we should have the option to get new devices before any other carrier.

      • Tony McAfee

        Andre, I can’t say that I agree that you should get early access to deviced due to the fact that you pay Verizon’s bloated prices.
        The fact is, at this point if you want the absolute best selection of high-end devices, you’ll have to pay MSRP and go for unlocked GSM devices.

        Besides, Verizon has been “Wal-Marting” OEMs since the Galaxy S II, it’s one of a few reasons that they’re not getting any more Nexus devices.

    • Nick Tenney

      I like this phone, but not sure I’d take it over the S4 at this point. Also, I’m waiting to see if the Motorola X is all it’s rumored to be (or if it’s even real) before I change phones.

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