September 30, 2014

When will Verizon launch HTC One?


Sounds as though HTC may have finally played it’s hand correctly to get big red carrying the same model as other carriers. We’ll see if that holds or if they make the struggling handset manufacturer rename the One before it releases. Although I don’t think anyone would be too excited for a “DNA 2″

XDA Forum member criptix claims to have seen an HTC rep’s Verizon HTC One. That would be good news for HTC fans on Verizon and every other carrier with the release of the latest API.

Just for the sake of confusion, clarification  or rebuttal, we’ll add this recent bit of chatter out of @evleaks and Slashgear.  Reportedly, the HTC One will hit Verizon’s doors before July… We’ll see, right?


Any Verizon users out there excited for this? Anyone willing to renew a contract with Big Red just to get the One?

Let us know in the comments!


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