Google’s new offering for nutritional information

Google’s new offering for nutritional information

Are you a health nut who compulsively checks nutrition facts of everything you ingest? Are you a casual dieter who just wants to make sure you aren’t poisoning yourself? Google’s fulfilling yet another need!

I fall into the latter category and I know that I hate having to download whole apps that do way more than what I need, because I’m usually just looking for fat or caloric value of what I’m buying while I’m at the grocery store. Especially for someone like myself, this update is wonderful. It brings quick and easy access to nutrition information by one tap from your home screen.

Here are a few examples:

  • Tempted by some popcorn at the movies? Ask “how many calories are in popcorn” and you’ll get your answer. [Hint: it’s 31 calories per cup]
  • Perplexed by a food label or recipe? Ask “what nutrients are in breadfruit?” or “is there sugar in granadilla?”
  • Big on a high protein diet? Ask “how many carbs in corn?” or simply search for [corn] and you’ll see detailed nutrition info.

In a nutshell, you can ask Google queries regarding foods, fruits, and veggies for over 1,000 items. The answers, as you might suspect, come in the form of clean cards not unlike Google Now.

The feature will also, of course, be available through the Google website on your favorite browser and in the Google app for iPhone.

If you just tried it and you aren’t yet getting the desired result, don’t worry, they’ll be rolling it out progressively for the next 10 days.

Who’s excited? Anyone else going to be replacing an entire app with this feature?


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  1. Erik Cho
    May 30, 13:31 Reply

    Google- “Only the information that you need at your finger tips. (Minus the fat)”. Gotta love it. But you know what the next step will be? Soon we won’t even have to type the question in. Just take a picture of the food item and it’ll just pop up the information. 😀

  2. John Weston
    May 30, 23:08 Reply

    Good to know. I like my app for tracking. But is way faster if I just want the info!

  3. Beth
    May 31, 17:22 Reply

    Are you able to disclose the source of nutritional analysis for the foods?

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