List of HTC devices slated to receive Android 4.3 arrives before version is even announced

List of HTC devices slated to receive Android 4.3 arrives before version is even announced


Well, this is certainly interesting. A list of HTC devices expected to receive Android 4.3 updates has surfaced before Google has even confirmed that such a version of Android exists.

You can see from the accompanied photo that a number of models should see the next release of Android come the 4th quarter of the year, including a handful of older (2012) handsets.


In line to see Android 4.3 are the HTC One, One X, One X+, Droid DNA, and Desire HD. Unfortunately, there are a couple that will get left behind, including the Desire V, Desire X, Droid Incredible 4G, and One S.

Keep in mind that this list is unofficial and Google has yet to formally unveil an Android 4.3 build. With that said, this list seems fairly accurate at first blush; newer, more popular models getting the latest release while others stay back.

Via Phone Arena


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  1. FrankGawd
    May 30, 16:39 Reply

    Show the DNA some love.. freaking thing is a beast!!

  2. Adrian
    May 30, 18:42 Reply

    hahaha, DHD what a big joke :)
    i love my DHD and lost my hope in htc when they canceled the ics update, but why the hell they would give us 4.3?! htc fu*** my Head…

    • Frettfreak
      May 31, 19:48 Reply

      That’s about where I am. F htc and their bs promise of updates that never come.

  3. Tom Kelsall
    May 31, 04:49 Reply

    This list can’t be accurate; the DHD didn’t even get ICS, never mind Jelly Bean.

    • Frettfreak
      May 31, 19:47 Reply

      Lol. I would take anything htc says about upgrades and add a good 3-6 months. Took 8 months past the promised date (given in a list similar to this one) for the one s to actually get jelly Bean.

      • Tom Kelsall
        June 03, 06:45 Reply

        That’s the thing though, isn’t it? This isn’t a “Promise” and nor was the list on which the One S appeared. HTC don’t generally talk about when updates are coming; these “Lists” are simply the textual equivalent of a “fanboi render”. They’re meaningless because they didn’t come from an official HTC source.

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